2019 Pond Tour                 Date!                Saturday, August 10th.  9am - 3pm

The date has been set for next years     tour.                  August 10th 2019.   Time 9am to 3pm                                


2017 Green River Pond & Garden Tribute Tour. 

This years tour in memory of Toni Morgan.

Green River Pond & Garden Tour.


Garden Photos

Explore the many colors, textures and sounds of  the Green River Pond & Garden Tour



Experience  high desert gardening.

This year's tour is in memory of Toni Morgan. Toni passed away last Summer leaving her gardening legacy for everyone to enjoy.   Wiley and Toni Morgan are instrumental in the creation of the Green River Pond tour.  They wanted to share the joy of water gardening and educate residents on high desert gardening.  Thier efforts created the Green River Pond and Garden Tour. The garden tour has been showing ponds and gardens of local residents for over 15 years.

This year we will be celebrating Toni's life by a planting a tree in Toni's name on the river walk.

We look forward to seeing you July 29th.  Don't forget your camera and enjoy all of our garden homes.



Welcome To Our Pond & Garden Tour


The town of Green River is located in the south west corner of the state.  Nestled between amazing rock formations with the Green River running through the heart of town. " It's an oasis in the" High Desert Country." A town with many drawing points for visitors to discover.  One special community event is the annual pond and garden tour. This unique event typically happens in last summer.  This years tour is scheduled for Saturday, August 8th. From 9am to 3pm.  Because Green River is located in the high desert planes it has a very short growing season making local gardening very challenging.  That's where the Green River Pond tour becomes an avenue for residents and visitors to see what can be grown and created in our area. We typically have 12 exquisite  garden homes giving visitors the opportunity to view koi ponds, water features, landscaping designs and productive vegetable designs. 

  The pond tour is free to the public.  Tour guides will be available one week prior to the tour at Green River Chambers, Riverside Nursery, Taco Time, Castle Rock Realty and our local news paper will have an article with addresses and information on the tour.

We look forward to seeing you August, 8th and don't forget your camera!

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